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A lot of news from Mitol

Perhaps you will first notice our new image. The refreshed MITOL logo is only a symbol to remind you of the many changes.

Since the fall of 2017, we have been a proud member of the Soudal Group, which is the leading European manufacturer of sealants, PU foams and adhesives and whose innovative products successfully serve both professional and end users around the world. With this merge, our presence in more than 35 countries has gained new dimensions as it gives us access to new markets and customers, as well as improved technical and logistical support.

We are even more clearly focused on partnership with our customers, we are even more focused on getting closer to you and to create solutions together with you, tailored to your requirements and needs.

This is also reflected in the refreshment and renewal of our production program. We are introducing new products – some of them are also presented in this newsletter – even more new things are in the development phase, and of course, we try to follow primarily your desires and needs. Therefore, we enjoy the most in developing new and refined products together with you. Or how we always say: “Always in between” – creating a link between your requirements and your finished products. That is why we wrote in our mission: “We connect our ideas, expertise, and people to produce cutting-edge products developed for our customers, enabling them to connect their ideas with solutions.”

This is a statement which we support with much pride and determination. You can also check how serious we are about it! Visit us on one of the upcoming fairs where we will present our new products and help you find the right solutions for your challenges.