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Products for different assembly gluing and auxiliary gluing agents.

Assembly adhesives present the group of products for bonding wide range of materials in different industrial process according to customers requirements.
The high performance products are inovative solutions for assembling sendwich panels, matresses, pocket springs, filters, different plastic materials etc.


Product Base Viscosity (mPas),

at temperature

Softening point (°C) gluing material application Special properties
MITOSIL silicon oil / / / protect surfaces separtor – prevent glue adhesion
MITOSOL 2000 oil / / / cleaner for the melting tank glue cleaner
MITOSOL 3905/E solvent / / / cleaner for external parts glue cleaner
MITOSOL S 50 solvent / / / cleaner and thinnner perfect cleans grease, dust and other dirtiness; removes release agents from plastic surfaces
TERMOKOL 2338 SIS block copolymer 5.400 – 8.000  170°C 100 – 110 different type of substrate self adhesive articles yellow, pressure sensitive, good peel adhesion, high cold tack, good heat resistance, application by nozzle, roller
TERMOKOL 2624 EVA hot melt appr. 2.500    170°C 75 – 85 palet feet for example different assembly gluing yellow, good cold flexibility, good adhesion and cohesion, application by nozzle, roller
TERMOKOL 2630 SIS block copolymer 1.300 – 1.900  177°C 87 – 97 rockwool, different plastic material different assembly gluing, isolating material clear yellowish, pressure sensitive, good peel adhesion, application by nozzle, roller
TERMOKOL 2905 EVA hot melt 8.500 – 11.500  150°C 80 – 90 metal, different plastic materials different assembly gluing yellowish, medium open time, good adhesion to lacquered surfaces and to some difficult to bond surfaces, application by nozzle, roller
TERMOKOL STICK 16 EVA hot melt 55 – 80 Pa.s  200°C 85 – 95 wood, paper, carton, metal different assembly gluing translucent, stick 12 mm, translucent, very good cohesion, long open time, application by gluing guns
TERMOKOL STICK 29 EVA hot melt 25 – 45 Pa.s    200°C 83 – 93 wood, paper, carton, metal, plastic different assembly gluing yellow, stick 12 mm, good adhesion to most plastic material, application by gluing guns


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