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Joinery that creates perfect spaces. Our adhesives meet the demands of new materials and make bonds in your home stronger.

Our joinery adhesives have been developed for a variety of uses. They provide long-lasting and secure bonds, are temperature resistant, and they are suitable for any kind of application requirements. Environmentally-friendly adhesives are pleasant to use and suitable for different projects, also those for public use, such as hospitals or schools. Design your world with our adhesives.


Our adhesives assure you the strength and longevity of the bonds, while they provide the optimal adhesion in an easy-to-use form, ensuring manufacturers with the best efficiency on the furniture assembly process.

Solid wood

Our products form a particularly strong and clean bond and are suitable for different sort of wood. Adhesives are characterized by high resistance, and long-lasting joints, and comply with 'green' standards.

Supplementary products

The supplementary product line includes solvent based products, such as cleaning agents, solvent based adhesives, and thinners.


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