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Flooring that maintains the quality in all conditions. Innovative adhesives solutions that make your business better and keep your clients satisfied.

Mitol is a leading provider of the adhesives for laying floor coverings. Our wide range of products for every situation provides you with many of the business advantages – easy application, fewer defects, and consequentially reduction of the costs. Our flooring adhesive line allows laying of a variety of materials from parquet, PVC, textile, rubber to any kind of subfloor. With Mitol’s adhesives, you will prolong the life of the end product, increase the speed of your work and satisfy your customers.


We offer you adhesives for any kind of parquet. With our team of experts, we have developed adhesives that are easy to spread, have a long pot life and open time, and you can easily remove their excess.

LVT, PVC, textile, rubber, linoleum, cork, artificial grass, laminated floors

Our various products for different materials provide you with an excellent quality and strong bonds that perform well in all conditions and applications. Adhesives are environmentally friendly.

Preparing subfloor

Our sub-flooring primers maintain the adhesive’s bond for a long time in all conditions.

Supplementary products

The supplementary product line represents the state of the art adhesives for any kind of assembly process. Adhesives make the work efficient and prolong the life of the end product.


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