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Mattresses & pocket springs

A selection of hot-melt adhesives for the assembly gluing of mattresses, characterized by strong bond and good adhesion to flexible foam and other upholstery materials.

Modern mattresses manufacturing uses special cores, made from layers of pocket springs.

For gluing pocket springs, MITOL produces a wide selection of high-quality EVA based hotmelts which can be used on automatic and semi-automatic production lines. They meet the high requirements of OEKO-TEX Standard 100, class 1 with the total content of polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAH), max 5mg/kg.

For assembly gluing of mattresses, MITOL offers newly developed APAO based polyolefin hot-melts. They are characterized by long open time, good adhesion and they develop a strong bond in all combinations of flexible foam and different upholstery materials (felt, non-woven, jute, coconut fibres). These adhesives are used for manual or automatic applications where very long open time and high initial hot tack is required.


Product Base Viscosity (mPas)

at temperature

Softening point (°C) Gluing material Application Special properties
TERMOKOL 2921 APAO hot melt 3000 – 4600 at 160°C 75 – 85 PU foam and textile materials mattresses assembling yellow, very long open time, good hot tack, good thermal stability, application by nozzle
TERMOKOL 2622 EVA hot melt 2700 – 3700 at 170°C 75 – 85 PP, PP and PES nonwoven pocket springs yellowish, good cold flexibility, good adhesion and cohesion, application by nozzle
TERMOKOL 2626 EVA hot melt 1700 – 2300 at 150°C 110 – 116 PP, PP and PES nonwoven pocket springs yellowish, good adhesion, short open and setting time, application by nozzle
TERMOKOL 2629 EVA hot melt appr. 2000 at 150°C 75 – 80 PP, PP and PES nonwoven pocket springs yellowish, low tempearure application 120 – 140°C, application by nozzle


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