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MITOL is one of the leading providers of adhesive solutions in Europe. For more than 70 years we have been implementing our vision and developing innovative solutions tailored for our users. From 2017 we proudly strategically operate under the Soudal Holding from Belgium.

Soudal is a reputable international group engaged in the manufacture of sealants, adhesives and other materials for finishing works in construction. With a professional team, valuable business partners, products of superior quality and innovative technology approaches, we provide results for all the requirements of your company. 

We are committed to the principles of excellence. Our activities are therefore based on effective ecological, social and economic factors that in cross-section increase the competitiveness of business partners and economic growth. With a high level of responsibility of all employees in the broadest sense, we create a better environment. 

Sustainable operation is realized through the selection of materials, improved production processes and rational use of energy and resources, thus ensuring least negative interventions in existing environmental and social systems. Our systematic approach to the long-term preservation of economic and social balances for the common good is our company’s core belief. When it comes to a higher quality of life, we are always in between.


Solutions suitable for your business

Technological progress in the adhesive industry creates for us the opportunity to innovate products and process solutions efficiently. Such new approaches, in combination with the established knowledge, enable our professionals to create the most appropriate solutions tailored to your demands.


Responding to the challenges of the future 

We believe that the quality of our common path and future of society lies in the expertise and awareness of our employees about sustainable development. With this approach, we create excellent products and improve work processes for the common good. Connection of knowledge, creativity, and social awareness make us the best business partner.


We are accelerating the pace of innovation 

The decades of experience and development of high-quality new products that have left a mark on the industry have shaped our unique path. Engineering knowledge and exceptional partnerships help us anticipate market needs, adapt new working methods and innovate. With our knowledge we can realize your vision.


Our history

1947 We started as a dairy station for purchasing and processing of milk named Mleko Sežana.

1954 First glue was developed on the basis of casein derived from the surplus milk. 

1962 There was 1700-litre reactor for the production of synthetic adhesives installed. This decision was crucial for the further development of MITOL. 

1963 First types of dispersion adhesives were introduced. Emulsions for their production were supplied by the local producers and from abroad.

1964 Dairy was renamed into MITOL – Mlekarna in tovarna lepil.

1968 Increasing demand for dispersion adhesives and troubles with importing emulsions lead to decision to start our own production of emulsions.

1972 The volumes of milk to be purchased have been dropping from year to year and dairy capacities, on the other hand, were remaining unexploited. It was not surprisingly that this year brought about the final elimination of the dairy-processing activity.

1973 In that year 5000 tons of emulsions were produced. 

1975 The development of new technologies and new customers’ needs required the development of new types of adhesives. MITOL very soon recognised the advantages of hot melt adhesives and was capable to predict the growing demand for this kind of glue. MITOL was the first who started the production of hot melt adhesives and who introduced the new generation of adhesives on Yugoslav market. 

1989 By changing the company’s name to MITOL tovarna, p.o. Sežana the primary activity was removed from the company’s title.

1991 After the loss of ex-Yugoslav markets MITOL has focused all its efforts on searching business opportunities on the new markets. 

1995 The company is reorganised in joint-stock company and it is registered as MITOL, tovarna lepil, d.d., Sežana.

1999 In that year ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 were obtained. This step ranks MITOL among the companies which besides concerning about the produtcs’ quality, put also much effort in environmentally friendly and safe production.

2002 CIM – computer integrated manufacturing was introduced in the production of emulsions.

2002/2003 By constructing a high racking storage facility MITOL has got a modern Distribution –Logistic Centre. 

2004 Modernization and partial automation in production of hot melt adhesives. 

2004 MITOL has established its first company MITOL CZ in Czech Republic.

2006 Attaining OHSAS 18001:1999 certification represents formal confirmation of MITOL’s efforts for occupational health and safety.

2008 MITOL’s activities in the field of environmental protection were upgraded by the IPPC environmental licence in 2008. By this key document, MITOL has made a legal commitment to an integral resolution of environmental issues, to prevent pollution and to reduce the impacts on the environment by introducing advanced technologies. By this, MITOL has provided conditions for sustainable development of the company itself as well as the entire community.

2010 Construction of the inhouse photovoltaic power station.

2011 Renovation and extension of emulsion production facilities.

2012 MITOL is ranged among “50 Companies in Slovenia with the best financial rating”.

2014 Renovation of dispersion and reactive adhesives production facilities.

2017  Since 2017, we are a member of the Soudal Group, the largest independent European manufacturer of sealants, polyurethane foams and adhesives. The group with production site all over the world represents an important strategic partner, which is a guarantee for the stable development of our company, while allowing us to provide our customers with the optimal technical and logistical support.

2019 Modernization of waste water treatment plant and enlargement of production facilities for hot-melt and dispersion adhesives.



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