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Filter manufacturing

Filter adhesives and molding compounds are widely used for the manufacturing of industrial filters and spatial filters in order to remove impurities and make the air clean.

They are developed according to customers’ technologies and product requirements. Best characteristics of our adhesives are quick adaptation to production technology, optimum flow properties, excellent adhesion on various materials and temperature resistant final product.


Adhesive /

component A

Base Hardener

component B

Mixing ratio

by weight


Viscosity at 23°C                               (mPas) Pot life


Fields of application Special properties
MITOPUR A4/3 2c polyurethane MITOPUR B7 80:20 A. comp.: 2500-4500

B. comp.: 100-400

3-6 For automatic gluing of filter media into end-caps and for moulding filter end caps Hard adhesive

(grey, beige)

2c polyurethane MITOPUR B7 81,5:18,5 A. comp.: 1500-4500

B. comp.: 100-400

2-5 For automatic gluing of filter media into end-caps and for moulding filter end caps Hard adhesive, optimum flow properties
MEKOL 1318/1 EVA copolymer / / 8 500 – 13 000 /  Bonding of filter paper Good adhesion
MEKOL 1413/G PVAC dispersion / / 15000 – 22000 /  Bonding of filter paper Good wet tack, long open time
EPOKOL 903 ZMA 2c epoxy EPOKOL 903 ZMB 4:1 A. comp.: 4000-9000

B. comp.: 400-800

180-300  Making moulds for casting of filters end caps Hard adhesive, excellent resistance
CIANOKOL P80K cyanoacrylate / / 30 – 50 /  Bonding of sealing rings and gluing rings to end caps Fast setting in 5 sec
MITOPUR R2 2c polyurethane


MITOPUR B7 8 – 10:1 3000 – 7000 5 hours  Bonding and gluing of sealing rings to end caps High initial grip,  high resistance

Hot melt adhesive Base Softening point


Colour Viscosity





Fields of application Special properties
Termokol 2318 polyolefine 120 – 127 white at 190°C:

2000 – 3000

170 – 190  for bonding of filter media, pleat bonding and pleat fixation High temperature and chemical resistance
Termokol 2327 EVA 108-115 yellowish At 150°C:

2000 – 2600

150 – 180  for protecting of stitches Elastic

Sandwich panel manufacture

MITOL, a producer of wide range of adhesives and solutions provider offers MITOPUR adhesives, which were developed together with customers technology requirements.

Floor coverings in mobile units

MITOL's team is offering you custom made products that will satisfy your demands, therefore we have developed a wide range of adhesives for floor covering in mobile units: motorhomes, vans, mobile homes, mobile tents, living containers and transport vehicles.


In our broad range of packaging glues one can find different hot melt adhesives for packaging and adhesives for special applications.


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