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Floor coverings in mobile units

MITOL’s team have developed a wide range of adhesives for gluing floor coverings in mobile units: motorhomes, vans, mobile homes, mobile tents, living containers and transport vehicles.

MITOL is offering you custom made products that will satisfy your demands. Products have best characteristic for the optimum performance. They are solvent and odour free, universal, adapted to technology requirements and  make strong, resistant and elastic joints.


Adhesive /

component A

Base Hardener

component B

Mixing ratio

by weight

A : B

Viscosity at 23°C                               (mPas) Open time

at 23°C (min)

Special properties
MEKOL 1562 Vinylacetate- ethylene – acrylate dispersion / / 2500 – 4000 10 High quality, appropriate also for gluing of heating foil. Strong and elastic joint.
MEKOL 1563 Vinylacetate- ethylene – acrylate dispersion / / 4000 – 6000 10 Cost–efficient product for high production serial gluing.
MITOPUR A7/30 2c polyurethane MITOPUR B7 81,5:18,5 A. comp. :6000-9000

B. comp.: 100-400

90 Universal, high-quality adhesive. Excellent temperature, water resistance, high final bond strength.

Sandwich panel manufacture

MITOL, a producer of wide range of adhesives and solutions provider offers MITOPUR adhesives, which were developed together with customers technology requirements.

Other products

This product segment includes all products that serve as auxiliary agents when gluing, such as separators, cleaning agents, thinning agents, etc.

AIR filter & HVAC solutions

Filter adhesives and molding compounds tailored by customer’s technology and product requirements: excellent adhesion on various materials, optimum flow properties, temperature resistant final product.


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