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Assembly and other gluing

Assembly processes simplified

Assembly adhesives present the group of products for bonding wide range of materials in different industrial process according to customers’ requirements.

The high performance products are innovative solutions for assembling of sandwich panels, mattresses, pocket springs, filters, diverse plastic materials etc.

Mattresses & pocket springs

A selection of hot-melt adhesives for the assembly gluing of mattresses, characterized by strong bond and good adhesion to flexible foam and other upholstery materials.

Polyester textile straps

A high performance hot-melt adhesive for bonding polyester textile straps. (It is characterized by a good adhesion to polyester and can be used for longitudinally bonding and coating of yarn strands.)

Floor coverings in mobile units

A wide range of custom-made products for gluing floor coverings in mobile units, including motorhomes, vans, mobile homes, mobile tents, living containers and transport vehicles.

Sandwich panel manufacture

MITOPUR polyurethane adhesives for gluing all kinds of plates on various isolating materials in the production of multipurpose sandwich panels.

AIR filter & HVAC solutions

Filter adhesives and molding compounds tailored by customer’s technology and product requirements: excellent adhesion on various materials, optimum flow properties, temperature resistant final product.

Nonwoven fabrics

A line of hot-melt adhesives designed to meet specific requirements in the production of diapers and hygiene products.


A high-quality EVA based hot-melt adhesive for coating polyester non-woven materials which are used for toe tuff manufacturing and shoe counters.


Products for different assembly gluing and auxiliary gluing agents.

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