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All our activities are derived from the commitment to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of ecosystems.

Protecting living environment is a basic condition for a healthy and sustainable development of any company. Mitol pays special attention to the choice of materials and production processes that do not burden the environment and to rational use of natural resources. Taking care for the user, we have not forgotten the environment. Our efforts for environmentally friendly and safe production are also confirmed by the established ISO 14001: 2015 certificates and the Responsible Care certificate.

MITOL’s environmental excellence

MITOL became aware of the importance of environmental protection earlier than most companies, as we introduced the ISO 14001 system in 1999 and we included it in the company’s integrated development policy.

This was done not only on declarative basis, but with a set of implemented goals, which included environmental impact studies, investments and training and has brought Mitol to such a development level that it is an assurance for its future existence.

As part of these efforts, we provide the necessary activities for the continuous reduction and prevention of environmental pollution, we respect and consistently implement legislative and other requirements, and include environmental elements in our development and annual business plans in terms of continuous improvement of the environment.

We are aware that employees are an important link in the implementation of environmental policy, therefore we put much effort in continuous training and strengthening of environmental awareness of all employees as well as others who work on behalf of MITOL company.

MITOL’s environmental orientation is and will remain a constant in our strategy, since the protection of the living environment is a never ending story. Improvements are always possible. This decision  has taken a lot of efforts and investments and it has been aimed to  gain a long-term competitiveness of the company.

There are still many challenges ahead if we want to follow our direction, which is:

MITOL’s adhesives – environmentally friendly and safe products


We pay special attention to the economic effects and benefits of environmental protective practices. We are especially focused on:







Resposible Care Program

We also demonstrate our responsibility for environmental protection by participating in the Responsible Management Program. This program represents a unique initiative from the chemical industry globally to improve its performance in the areas of health, safety and environment. The goal is to constantly monitor and improve achievements in these areas being measured through 16 parameters. The program is being implemented in more than 50 countries and is expected to grow into a sustainable development project, which would also take into account indicators of socially responsible behavior.




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