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All our activities are derived from the commitment to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of ecosystems.


The protection of the living environment is a fundamental condition for healthy and sustainable development of an organisation. MITOL has been paying special attention to the selection of materials and production processes that do not burden the environment. Our efforts for environmentally acceptable and safe production are also confirmed by standard certifications.

Our decision in the past was to integrate environmental policy into a comprehensive policy for the development of the organisation. We did this not only declaratively, but with a series of implemented goals, which included the study of environmental impacts, investments, and training, and brought MITOL to such a development level that it has a guaranteed existence in the future.

With the help of environmental policy, we trained our experts and staff how to play a role in important environmental aspects and raise environmental awareness amongst community. We carry out these activities every day, and we will do so in the future, as the story of environmental protection is never a closed story.


MITOL’s adhesives – environmentally friendly and safe products



Our adhesives present a new generation of adhesive solutions. By developing innovative formulas of adhesives, the amount of waste is reduced. They are environmentally-friendly, characterised by excellent quality, lessen amount of glue needed and best packages. 


Our adhesives are developed as the eco-friendliest innovative solutions for bonding and joining industrial products or DIY projects. With their components and formulas, easy and thin application, best packaging and many other advantages they are creating ways of progress for many industries. 


Global demand is increasing for products that are environmentally safe and lessen the negative impact on environment. Our solutions address this trend. 


Our experts and our customers are driven to make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible – using fewer resources, reducing waste and minimising their environmental impact. With our solutions and adhesives, they are able to speed up their lines, use less material, reduce their costs and lower the negative impact on the planet. 



MITOL’s environmental excellence

With the help of the ISO 14001 system that we selected for environmental protection tool, we implemented environmental policy by providing the necessary activities for continuous reduction and prevention of environmental pollution, respecting all the ecosystems. We have implemented legislative and other requirements, incorporated important environmental elements into development and annual business plans in terms of continual improvement of the environmental status. Special care was dedicated to the training of our staff, who play a role in important environmental aspects and raise environmental awareness among employees and others who work on behalf of the company.



We have always had the goal of obtaining a comprehensive environmental permit in accordance with the European IPPC Directive. We did this in 2008.

MITOL also joined the project “Clean Production” 

for strengthening the environmental protection, which is a joint project of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, under the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of the Environment.

Responsibility to environmental protection is also demonstrated by the right to use the logo “Responsible Care – responsible behaviour”, since every year we produce a report according to the methodology of the European Chemical Industry Association. “Responsible behaviour” began with the voluntary initiative in 1984 in Canada, and is now being implemented in more than 50 countries.



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