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Paper & cardboard products

Enhance the quality for your customers with our paper board adhesives

With our adhesives, we are improving quality and expanding the functionality of the paper and board products. We are aware of the sustainability challenges and are therefore focused on meeting the contemporary environmental standards, and the product quality. Boost your performance with our state-of-the-art adhesives. We tailor all the products for your needs.

Case & box bonding

Following the market trends and the specific needs of customers, Mitol provides you a range of adhesives for transport and for folding boxes. We take care of safe adhesives solutions for food packaging, personal care, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries.


In our broad range of packaging glues, one can find different hot melt adhesives for packaging and adhesives for special applications such as deep-freeze packaging, straw attachment or anti-slip coating for pallet stabilization.


Due to growing concern for environmental protection the production sector of paper bags has become very important. A series of advanced adhesives represent optimal solutions for gluing a variety of papers used in bag manufacturing.

Bookbinding & graphic ind.

We offer a full range of adhesives for soft-cover as well as hard cover book manufacturing, providing optimal solutions for different applications and other adhesives for graphical industry.


Mitol produces a wide range of dispersion adhesives, PSA hot melts and adhesives based on water soluble polymers in order to meet specific requirements regarding labelling materials.

Board & cardboard laminating

We produce the selection of a high-quality adhesives for laminating corrugated cardboard and gray cardboard and also for laminating pre-treated BOPP, PET, and acetate films/foils to diverse materials.

Tube winding

Our glue ensures you with the quality of tube as well as its strength. Solutions for diverse materials decrease manufacturing costs while increasing the overall performance product.

Other products

Special adhesives and products that serve as auxiliary agents when gluing. The products contribute to optimum bonding.


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