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3D lamination

3D thermally coated furniture fronts represent an important segment in the furniture industry. 


The manufacturing processes and the adhesives used have to meet the latest requirements in the industry and ensure a reliable bond. One and two component adhesives based on PUR dispersions are the guaranty for quality bonding. They can be used for all types of thermoplastic foils including high gloss decors. Bonds made with Mitols’ products are extremely heat and steam resistant.



Product Base Viscosity (mPas)

at 23°C

Reactivation temperature (°C)

in the glue line

Crosslinking Special properties
MEKOL 1950 PU dispersion 500 – 900 60 – 80 Mekol B10 1C/2C glue, standard type
MEKOL 1951 PU dispersion 300 – 700 50 – 70 Mekol B10 1C/2C glue, very low activation temperature
MEKOL 1952/O PU dispersion 500 – 900 60 – 80 Mekol B10 1C/2C glue, light blue color
MEKOL 1953 PU dispersion 1600 – 2500 60 – 70 built-in latent hardener 1C glue, high heat resistance
MEKOL 1954 PU dispersion 1600 – 2500 55 – 60 Mekol B10 1C/2C glue, low activation temperature
MEKOL 1955 PU dispersion 1600 – 2700 60 – 70 built-in latent hardener 1C glue, very high heat resistance
MEKOL 1130 PVAC dispersion 7000 – 10 000 above 80 Mekol B10 1C/2C glue for 3D veneering
MEKOL 1921 copolymer dispersion 15 000 – 20 000 above 80 / 1C glue for simple 3D gluing of PVC

Furniture manufacture

The furniture is equipped with many functions to meet the most different requirements at the same time.

Flat lamination

In modern furniture, wood-based panels are laminated with the most diverse materials.


Mitol has met the challenges of modern furniture and offers the products for ultramodern edgebanding technologies, but also for the conventional bonding.


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