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The manufacture of upholstered furniture includes different materials like foam, textile, leather and wood, which are combined together using contact adhesives.


Frequently, the upholstery operations are manual and process time varies widely. Usually adhesives are applied by spray gun.


Product Base Viscosity(mPas) at 23°C Solids content (%) Open Assembly time (min.) Color Special properties
MITOSOL 4002 SBS contact resin 160 – 240 38 – 40 0,5 – 15 red two side adhesive

Furniture manufacture

The manufacturing process with individual requirements and highest demands for product design and quality needs innovative adhesive products.

Doweling and frame bonding

MITOL dowelling glues are special PVAc dispersion adhesives for bonding hard wood, soft wood and wood based substrates.

Solid wood panels

Boards exposed to variable climatic conditions have to provide a highly resistant bond with permanent durability.


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