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At Mitol we are committed to the sustainable future. We are striving to be a company that respect people, economy and environment. Principles of sustainability are at the center of how we operate. As a customer-focused and performance-driven company, we create sustainable solutions, take care of our communities and have our mind set on the best future for all of us. It takes strong leadership, long-term vision, support and dedication of each and every individual at Mitol to influence healthy and safe environment, best quality of life and well-being for all at all ages.

Our eco-friendly adhesive solutions improve quality of life and make connections that are impossible to break.

Environmental responsibility

The protection of the living environment is a fundamental condition for healthy and sustainable development of an organization. Mitol has been paying special attention to the selection of materials and production processes that do not burden the environment. Our efforts for environmentally acceptable and safe production are also confirmed by standard certifications.

Social responsibility

The company's success and its results depend to a great extent on the knowledge and skills of its employees, which requires continuing upgrading and development of knowledge and competence in many fields. We have a strong reputation for following the highest ethical principles which we reinforce with our employees through our company’s code. Therefore, we mentor and motivate our employees to adopt best practices and innovative approaches with integrity driven thirst for knowledge.


We strive to develop innovative products that meet the requirements of our customers while adhering to the highest standards.


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