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Other products

Special adhesives and products that serve as auxiliary agents when gluing. The products contribute to optimum bonding.


Product Base Special properties
MITOFLEKS PR special dispersion coating for wood protection
MITOMONT O double sided adhesive foam tape assembling  operations
MITOMONT U double sided adhesive foam tape assembling operations
MITOSIL silicon separator , antisticking agent
MITOSOL PR 03 synthetic polymer in organic solvents primer for thermoplastic materials
MITOSOL S40 mixture of organic solvents tinner for MITOSOL 4000 and MITOSOL 4001
UROKOL P 22V one shot urea- formaldehyde resin for veneer splicing

Furniture manufacture

The manufacturing process with individual requirements and highest demands for product design and quality needs innovative adhesive products.

Solid wood processing

We understand the wood and provide you complete adhesive solutions for all steps of the bonding process.

Flat lamination

In modern furniture, wood-based panels are laminated with the most diverse materials.


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