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Polyester textile straps

For this niche application in strapping industry, MITOL offers a high performance hot-melt adhesive for bonding polyester textile straps.

The adhesive has a good adhesion to polyester and can be used for longitudinally bonding or/and coating of yarn strands. It performs a strong and flexible joint which is resistant to low temperatures up to -20°C. At the same time, this hot melt adhesive represents a user and environmentally-friendly solution.


Product Base Viscosity (mPas) Softening point (°C) Gluing material Application Special properties
at   170°C
TERMOKOL 2614 EVA hot melt 4 500 – 5 500 110 – 116 polyester threads polyester pallet strapping bands yellowish, flexible film, good cold flexibility, good adhesion, application by nozzle, disc, roller


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