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Solid wood processing

We understand wood and provide you complete adhesive solutions for all steps of the bonding process.

Like no other material, wood stands out for quality and naturalness, and can be used for structures in construction, windows and door frames, floors, kitchen worktops, tables and chairs.
MITOL provides complete adhesive solutions for all applications and is a reliable partner for all steps of the bonding process.
Due to very unique requirements for different products, choosing the proper adhesive is utmost important for a smoothly running production process and a superior quality of the final product.

Window and door frames

Window and door frames are largely bonded with PVAC adhesives which meet the requirements for durability class D4 according to EN 204.

Solid wood panels

Boards exposed to variable climatic conditions have to provide a highly resistant bond with permanent durability.

Other products

Special adhesives and products that serve as auxiliary agents when gluing. The products contribute to optimum bonding.


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