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Mitol VISION LINE Adhesives

Introducing Mitol’s new line of adhesives called the VISION LINE. Deliver enhanced product safety, establish your brand as a leader in sustainability, increase the recyclability of your end products, achieve higher quality standards, minimize energy consumption and ensure exceptional workplace safety.

Crafted with our innovative and customer-centric mindset, VISION LINE is our nod to the circular economy. Mitol’s VISION LINE adhesives minimize energy consumption, reduce production waste and support recyclability, ensuring your products surpass industry standards. They deliver unmatched strength and durability while also prioritizing safety compliance, safeguarding your team’s well-being.

Mitol’s VISION LINE adhesives fall into at least one of the following categories:

  1. Adhesives with at least 20% biobased raw materials.
  2. Energy saving hot melt adhesives – the working temperature is reduced by at least 20%.
  3. Low emission adhesives.
  4. Adhesives which do not hinder the recyclability of the end product.

At Mitol, sustainability isn’t merely a word—it’s ingrained in our vision. The launch of our VISION LINE exemplifies our dedication to innovation driven by environmental responsibility. By choosing VISION LINE adhesives, you not only enhance your product quality but also actively contribute to a more sustainable future for both your business and the planet.

VISION LINE Adhesives by MITOL – your competitive advantage in manufacturing efficiency, product quality and sustainability.