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Manual edgebanding can be implemented on curved edges.

Edgebanding is running at low processing temperature and low speed. Special products, melting on low melting temperature with long open time should be selected.


Product Base Viscosity(mPas) at 150°C Softening point (°C) Processing temperature (°C) Color Special properties
TERMOKOL 2006 EVA hot melt 30 000 – 40 000 90 – 110 130 – 160 natural unfilled type
TERMOKOL 2008 EVA hot melt 35 000 – 60 000 80 – 90 140 – 160 white, natural, light brown and dark brown for PVC bonding
TERMOKOL 2031 EVA hot melt 27 000 – 41 000 (200°C) 93 – 103 160 – 200 white and natural universal type

Furniture manufacture

Furniture manufacturing process with individual requirements and highest demands for product design and quality need innovative adhesive products.

Edgebanding-automatic machines

For modern furniture production, a variety of edgebands has been an established practice for closing edges of wood - based panels.

Profile wrapping

The modern technology for applying adhesive is running continuously using special EVA and PO based hot melts with specific adhesion, high setting speed, superior bonding and heat resistance.


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